360 vs 3D: The Tables Have Turned

In recent years, e-commerce brands have begun using 360° turntables to market their products. Turntables, also called 360° product photography, provide a distinct advantage over regular photos. Instead of being limited to one angle, turntables rotate to give a 360° view of the product. However, a turntable is not your company’s only—or best—option. There is a new technology in town, and it is way better than turntable viewing.



360° Turntable

3D Viewer

A 3D viewer is an innovative way to show your customers EXACTLY what they are purchasing. It is much more comprehensive than outdated turntables. This technology allows buyers to rotate the 3D product to any conceivable angle and enlarge it to view even the most minute details. Customers can also explore annotations, which can contain photos and videos that highlight product features and benefits. If you want your products to stand out, then 3D is the way to go.

Let’s compare the two to understand just how much e-commerce is evolving:

Table 360 vs 3D

A 360° turntable is an improvement over regular photos, but it has severe limitations. Because of the specialized turntable equipment, only small products can be photographed. Anything larger than a backpack—chairs, bikes, treadmills—is out of the question. The process of creating the turntable can be a big hassle: the photography has to be outsourced, and completion time easily takes two weeks or more. And though a 360 turntable provides far more angles than a regular photo, it only rotates on a fixed axis, meaning that the tops and bottoms of products can’t be seen.

A 3D viewer experience allows shoppers zoom in, swivel, and rotate the product; they feel as though they are holding it in their hands! For the first time in e-commerce, anyone with a smartphone can have an experience of showroom quality when they shop online. A potential customer viewing a 3D treadmill can now examine the tread pattern of the belt, view specific product dimensions, find the power outlet, and learn how the treadmill folds up without bruising their knees or pulling out a tape measure.

A 3D viewer makes it possible to track your sales improvements, too! The best 3D companies are linked to a website analytics service, such as Google Analytics. This connection allows companies to track just how much a 3D viewer improves their sales. The 3D viewer is the future. Soon, you’re going to see it everywhere.

Customers love 3D: 94% of shoppers that use 3D report that it was useful. They prove their love with their wallets. Brands using the Interact3D technology have reported sales increases of 400% after adding 3D viewers to their sites. These 3D viewers are the future. Make your transition today!

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