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Improve the visual content to increase sales by 4X


To succeed, companies need to sell more and sell faster. In order to do this, a company must be constantly improving the appearance of their brand. One of the easiest ways to do kill all three birds with one stone is by improving the visual content on the product page. The product page is where your customers spend their time and where they decide if they want to buy. Getting the visual content right on product pages is crucial to having high conversion rates. There are four main categories of visual content: images, video, turntable, and 3D.

Here is a quick guide to optimize visual content to improve your sales. (If you’re here to 4X your sales, skip to the 3D Player section.)


Photos are first priority. They provide the base for your content. Everyone knows that higher quality and higher quantity is better for both lifestyle and studio photos. Less people know  how to coordinate their photos. Angles are the key! Incorporate a rich variety of perspectives in both studio and lifestyle photos. Remember that the goal of e-commerce is to improve upon a brick-and-mortar. The first step is having visuals that make someone feel as if they are holding the product.


  • Do close-up shots on individual features. If shoppers can’t see the feature that are important to them, they will shop elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget pictures of the backs. Some parts of the product aren’t as pretty, but they are still important to the buying decision.
  • Lifestyle shots can do more than evoke a feeling. Don’t hesitate to show a lifestyle shot that captures interactions with product features and functions.



Product videos are powerful. However, they are more expensive and more time consuming than photos. The investment is worth it if you can make your videos tell a compelling story. Each company and product has a different story they are trying to tell, be it the origin, the functionality, or the benefits of ownership.

Find a product video that has affected you in the way that you want your product to impact others. Then copy that approach. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, in business, is a great way to save time. Don’t get too lost in the weeds; you can spend your whole career learning how to make great videos, but remember, the goal is to sell more and sell faster. If you decide to hire a videographer, make sure he or she has a portfolio item that showcases the skills you want. If you can’t afford hiring someone, then determine how you can reduce the time and effort it takes to tell your product’s story.


    • Keep it short and to the point: as a general rule, assume that every 10 seconds 20% of your remaining viewers stop watching. Avoid lengthy intros.
    • Tried and true format: show a problem, why current solutions aren’t good enough, and why your product is the ideal solution.


360 Turntables

First off, turntables aren’t 3D–they’re 360. Think of them as cartoon strips. Turntables add value by allowing customers to spin the product around and see it from multiple angles. Unfortunately, you can only show your product at one height, and you can’t do close-ups.  

There is plenty of evidence that turntables improve sales and brand credibility. Taking good turntable images follows the lines of good studio photography, but with the additional complication of stringing the photos together. Note: you must either buy your own equipment and do it yourself (ugh, more software and hardware learning curves) or ship your products to a studio that does turntable photography.


  • Choose the height that best showcases the item from all angles–you may have to compromise.
  • Center the product or the item will have an awkward loping movement
  • 36 frame count is a middle ground where it won’t look too choppy and–hopefully— won’t take too long to load.
  • Choose frame counts that are a multiple of four, so you get perfectly aligned front, back, and side views.


3D Player

The 3D Player is a new technology–the future of e-commerce. It is the closest thing to brick-and-mortar shopping. Using a 3D player is like having a photo at every possible angle because customers can turn the product in any direction. 3D improves upon photos and videos by allowing the customers to take the driver’s seat and explore the features that they find important. Adding 3D to a product page can increase sales by 400% (according to Interact3D).

This option does not require as much time or coordination as lifestyle photos or product videos. Take advantage of this. If the company providing the 3D is worth its salt, they should do all of the model making for you, getting you up and running in a week. Also, they should offer AB testing so you can definitively track your sales improvements.


  • People are twice as likely to click on a 3D viewer as they are to watch a video, so put it in a prominent place.
  • Provide high-definition photos for the best quality models.
  • Some 3D players, such as Interact3D, will allow you to include image and video content in the form of annotations. Use this to show off your most important product features.


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