Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial

I’d like to start a trial. What do I need to know to get started?

Just reach out to us by filling out a CONTACT FORM. One of our customer service reps will reach out to you and guide you through what we need to create a free Interact3D model of one of your products. Within 48 hours of starting, you’ll have an Interact3D model that you can place on your website.


We’ll be able to see how the Interac3D model is increasing your sales within a couple days of use.

If I contact you about about a free trial, are your sales reps going to pressure me into buying something?

No. Our customer service staff is not commission based. They have been specifically trained to not pressure anyone into buying anything. They are incentivized to answer your questions and help you with any needs you may have.

Interact3D Technology

Will Interact3D slow down my website?

No, we’ve purposely designed our technology to not slow down websites. We use the same methods that Youtube does for its embeddable videos.

Why use Interact3D and not a competitor product?

Usually, when people ask this question, they are confusing 3D product viewing with 360 Photography (turntables). There is a big difference in these two technologies and 3D is far superior. (Click here for more info.)

Can you show me an example of another company using Interact3D?

We have many products on existing websites. Here are two examples from current customers: F80 by SOLE Fitness and BasixTOUCH by Merit Medical.

Does Interact3D work on mobile devices?

Definitely!  We designed our software to work great with all mobile devices and any web browser.  The average i3D model file size is the size of an average e-commerce item page, so it will load as fast as any other part of the e-commerce experience.

Interact3D Models

How are Interact3D models different from CAD models?

You may be familiar with CAD models, like Solidworks or Inventor. Those models are designed to convey the measurements and tolerances of an item. The two reasons why CAD files are not ideal for e-commerce is that they can only be viewed with special programs and they aren’t aesthetic.

Interact3D models have a different purposedisplay a 3D representation of a product to improve the e-commerce experience. Interact3D models are aesthetic and consist of a 3D structure and photos “wrapped” around it. Interact3D models can be viewed on any device and any browser, making them the ideal way to convey the value of your products to your customers.


How is the Interact3D viewer inserted on the website?

We use a JavaScript web component, just like a Youtube video. The viewer can be adjusted to any size and can match the themes and styles of any website. If you want to try one out on your website, just request a sample Interact3D web component on our Contact Us page.

Did we miss something?

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer? We would love to answer it. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you with an answer.